EV Charging New York

Are you a small business owner or a property owner in Rochester, Syracuse or Buffalo, NY? Have you been looking for ways to make your business or property more attractive to new customers and retain old ones? Would you like to increase the value of your property while also adding a new stream of income?

The goal of business is to create services with value. If your customers derive value from what you are offering them, they will keep returning to you. And you make more money!

The problem is you are not the only business in New York offering your services. Your competitors are always looking for ways to divert potential customers to themselves. They are also willing to steal your existing customers!

This is why you have to think ahead of them.

As a small business operator or property owner, one way to think ahead is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see what would attract you to your business if you were a buyer. You will also check if your competitors are offering such a thing or not. Then you move first so you can have the early mover advantage.

At VAST Enterprise Solutions, we realize that such an offer does not have to remove money from your pocket. In fact, we specialize in helping firms turn such attractions into money-making ventures.

We keep track of emerging trends and devise how companies like yours can cash in on them.

One such trend with lots of potential is the ‘going green’ trend. This refers to the lifestyle of people who are conscious of the environment and want their actions to preserve, rather than destroy the environment.

Many of your customers are making economic decisions today based on environmental sustainability. They are getting on the electric vehicle wave, for example. They are buying cars that use electric energy stored in batteries. This means they need DC FAST Chargers to charge their cars.

This is a great opportunity for you as a business owner or property owner to add extra value to the services you provide. As your customers drive their electric vehicles about, they are looking for where their vehicle can charge fast. If you have a DC Fast EV or Level 2 charger on your premises, in addition to the extra income, you will get them to spend more time in your business establishment, giving you opportunities to sell more things to them. They will return to you when they know their vehicles can get a charge while they do other things. Your property becomes more attractive for renters too when they can easily get access to charging facilities.

Our job at VAST Enterprise Solutions is to ensure that you make extra cash from offering DCFC (Direct Current Fast Charging) locations on your premises. Having worked with many businesses in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, we have acquired the expertise to make sure you are up and running in no time. We provide custom-designed solutions, based on a thorough assessment of your circumstances.

The best time to act is now. Apart from getting a leg-up on your competitors, you will also be able to access government funding that can cover up to 80% of the cost of setting up your DC Fast charging facilities. President Biden has announced his goal of making available 500,000 chargers all over the country. This will be funded through a dedicated program backed up with $750 million over the next five years. There will also be tax credit for electric vehicle owners. You should plug into this fast!

As a business owner in New York, you qualify to apply for the state DCFC Program, through the NYSERDA, to get part funding for the take-off of your DCFC business. You can also take advantage of the Charge Ready NY initiative for property tax rebates. Or you apply for the DCFC Per-Plug Incentive Program.

This is where you need our expertise. Our goal is to help you make extra money by setting up DC charging stations at little or no cost. Our services include:

  • Processing permits for charger installation
  • Application for both federal and state funding programs
  • Construction of charger installation
  • Maintenance of charger installation network
  • Charger installation repairs
  • Payment software and materials
  • Charger installation management
  • Application for utility tax credit at both federal and state levels

Many businesses have come to trust us at VAST Enterprise Solutions because we:

Expedite Rollout

We realize you need to move fast to stay ahead so we work very fast to complete your registrations and permits. Our installation team have devised a methodology that makes sure your first customers use your DCFC facilities in no time

Offer cost effective package

Our goal is to make sure you spend minimal amount of money to start-up so that you quickly see returns on your DCFC investment. We will help you apply for all the New York State and federal incentive programs you qualify for.

Offer a complete package

In addition to the technical aspects, we will handle all the paperwork required so that the hassle is not on you nor distract you from running your normal business. We can also take the running and maintenance of the charging off you.

Offer a custom solution

Every business is unique, hence we carry out a comprehensive assessment to determine what works best for you. We will help you select the best spot for the chargers, the type of chargers that works best for you, payment solutions, etc.

Contact us today at VAST Enterprise Solutions to get started on your DCFC business. Call us on 585-943-3220 or 804-432-1576. Or send us a mail at company email.